Access microSD Card Reader for Android

Leef Access microSD Reader with a microUSB connector gives you the power to share more photos, transfer more music, and enjoy direct playback of movies from a microSD card to your Android phones and tablets

    • Superior case-compatible microUSB 2.0 connector
    • Expand the memory capacity of your Android phone or tablet
    • Includes a storage slot for an extra microSD card and LED indicator
    • Waterproof and dustproof
    • Requires Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher and an enabled USB OTG system
    • Click here for more information and a list of compatible devices


  • Wonderful Product

    I have an HTC One Plus running Android 4.1.1. My two main regrets about getting this has been the limited storage space and the battery run time. Just purchased the Leef Access Card and the storage problems have gone away. Just inserted a 32GB microSD card into the reader, inserted the very small reader into the phone's USB slot and wham, I can now watch anything I have on my pc on the fly. Just one little note, I did have to install a file manager app (Fylee, in my case) to read the files on the card. But no rooting required. The Leef reader even comes with a spare storage card slot so in effect the memory is now double. Also I can now share files with my wife as she also has an HTC One Plus or, she can watch a movie or show while in flight. Wonderful product.

    ~ Posted by Arnold Knack

  • Tremendous innovation

    This is one of the greatest products I've found for managing my mobile media. It couldn't be easier to use and works flawlessly. I was copying files from phone to SD card to phone and so on. It was a tedious process and handling the small micro SD cards can be a little daunting. All in all I just want to express my thanks and appreciation for the this tremendous innovation and addition to my media management.

    ~ Posted by Donald Larkin

  • beautifully designed

    This product does its job with ease and looks great doing it. I shopped around for some time looking for a device like this and came across leef. Amazing product guys.

    All my USB storage needs will come from leef. Functional beauty amazing price.

    ~ Posted by M J L

  • Transfer Files On The Go

    This card reader increases the functionality of your phone, by giving you more ways to transfer data. Not only can you transfer data from a Micro SD card directly to your phone, there is also a slot to hold/carry an extra card. You no longer have to be glued to a computer.

    Since having this mobile card reader, I am able to take the memory card from my DSLR camera and instantly unload them. Before I would have waited until I got to a computer to transfer them, this saves me the extra step.

    ~ Posted by Deon M.

  • Small and versatile

    I love using Access. It's compact, so it's easy to carry around. I like that it doesn't stick out far from my phone.

    It's really convenient to swap out micro SD cards to organize files and basically have limitless storage. I can even switch the memory while the drive is plugged in! My G2 doesn't have any issues.

    The storage slot is really nice too, so you can keep your second most used card close in case you need it.

    Also like using it with a simple adapter to access my micro SD's on my PC.

    Great product.

    ~ Posted by Mark Song

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30 X 20 X 9 mm

Operating Temperature
0°C ~ -60°C

Storage Temperature
-20°C ~ +85°C

System Requirements
Android Jelly Bean OS 4.1 or higher, Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® XP (SP3), Windows Vista® (SP1, SP2), Windows 2000®, Linux Kernal 2.6 or later, Apple® Mac OS X or later

Regulatory Compliance

5-year limited warranty

Country of Origin

Manufacturer Part Numbers